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Bareback Boot Camp: Tyler Ford and Vance Crawford  

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35 min.
Like any young recruit who reports to bareback Boot Camp Vance Crawford is willing to do whatever it takes to survive basic training, even if he's role playing with his boyfriend, the studly drill instructor Tyler Ford who intends to fuck him raw. Tyler starts this sexually-charged brand of boot camp with a lesson in boot licking (what else?) before ordering his nasty novice to strip down, revealing a ripped-up body that will soon be worked over from head to toe. Vance Crawford's mouth and tongue slide over his boss's armpits and nipples before venturing down to get his first taste of a thick slab of man meat. Tyler Ford's throbbing cock is a little more than our inexperienced beginner can handle so he generously offers to show Vance how it's done and chows down on his trainee's dick until it's rock hard. Just when it seems like this man-on-man action can't get any hotter, the regimen turns to the ultimate test of endurance as Vance slides his hungry hole down Tyler's bulging bare cock and gets drilled. Tyler turns it around and pounds Vance's sweet ass bareback doggie style. More raw fun continues as Tyler Ford fucks Vance Crawford bareback sideways and on his back. Tyler shoots his load all over Vance's tight abs and Vance jacks off to his own cum shower.
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