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Bo Dean and Devin Draz  

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27 min.
Bo Dean, one of our most popular models, returns for a suck-and-fuck encore with Devin Draz, another equally hot stud who gives as good as he gets. Man-to-man sex like this rarely gets any hotter. Bo gets the action started by getting down on his knees to service Devin's long piece of meat. By the way he swallows all that cock, it's obvious Bo's been paying attention all those times his big dick got slurped. Devin returns the favor--and then some--by exploring every part of Bo's awesome body with his tongue and fingers. He literally has Bo squirming with his oral technique (no sign of a gag reflex here!). Our big-dicked duo kicks the hotness up another notch as Devin gets on his stomach and puts that muscle butt in perfect position for Bo to slide all 9 inches into his hole. This is when the Bo we know so well hits his stride for a couple rides that lead to both guys spilling their loads.

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