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Bo Dean and Slade  

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31 min.
Tattooed tough-guy Bo Dean and the soft-spoken, refined Frenchman Slade have a passionate afternoon together as they strip each other down and explore each other's bodies. Bo throws Slade onto the bed and jumps on him for some 69 action, the two men sucking on big, thick dicks, then Slade buries his face in Bo's furry asshole. Bo flips Slade over and slides in gently at first, building the energy until he's slamming himself hard into Slade's hole, kissing and touching him and keeping him in ecstasy. Slade sits on Bo's dick and before long he's blowing a big load all over Bo's chest. Bo flips Slade onto his back and blows his load right into Slade's face. The two sweaty men collapse into each other's arms, kissing and touching together.

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