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John Magnum and Adam Russo  

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24 min.
John Magnum and Adam Russo playfully toss each other about on the bed. Both studs wear jockstraps and Adam's thick dick is clearly poking out the top as they tumble. John winds up on top of Adam and pulls the jock aside revealing an already rock hard erection. Adam's butthole winks as John goes down on Adam's meat. John stands up and Adam aggressively deep throats John's thick pole. John makes Adam choke on it and the lays back for Adam to ride him. John's cock is so thick it would give a power bottom pause but Adam's ass eats it up begging for more. John slams Adam as hard as he can until he blows his load onto Adam's ass. John licks up his cum and then flips Adam over so he can suck his balls while Adam milks his own cock. Adam cums on his furry stomach. The guys kiss and relax after a hard day's play.

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