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Kyle King and Aaron Blake  

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29 min.
We left Kyle King and Aaron Blake alone for two seconds and they were immediately all over each other. So, we just decided to roll tape and capture the chemistry. After a long tonsil-hockey session Aaron gets down on all fours to swallow Kyle's thick pole. Kyle is wearing a jock-strap which bumps the temperature even higher than it already is! Kyle rips off Aaron's jeans and spins him around. Kyle spreads Aaron's cheeks and dives in for a taste of sweet ass. Aaron loves the feeling of Kyle's tongue in his tush but he's ready for cock. Kyle feeds his dick into Aaron's hole, slowly at first but then he pounds away. Whether from behind, on top, or on his back, Aaron's greedy ass eats Kyle's cock with vehemence. Kyle blows his load all over Aaron's abs and cock. He laps up his warm seed and swaps it with his cum covered partner. Aaron squeezes out his cum onto his tight stomach which Kyle gobbles up, too.

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